Have you seen the rainbow?
Climate change, faith and hope in Tuvalu

Climate change is a justice issue, it is a moral issue and it is the moral obligation of the international community to respond in a way that can insure life continuity and  the survival of our small societies in our small island countries”, Rev Tafue Lusama, Tuvalu.

Climate change is already affecting vulnerable communities in various parts of the world. The situation of the small island state of Tuvalu is paradigmatic. Global warming has already affected the corals surrounding the island. The rise of sea level may push the whole population to resettle in another country. What would it mean for a country who used to have a territory not to have it anymore? What are the social, cultural and spiritual consequences for the Tuvaluans?
This video, through interviews with Tuvaluans, presents different opinions on climate change and the future of Tuvalu, and the role of the churches in this regard.
Client: World Council of Churches, Switzerland

Camera/ Producer/Editor: Peter Williams

Idea & concept: Mark Beach & Peter Williams

Duration : 15'05'

Prod. year: 2011
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