Sierra Leone - 10 years after..

10 years after the signing of the 2001 peace agreement we decided to travel back to Sierra Leone to see how the country and society have developed.

We found many positive signs that peace has taken roots. However, there are still many wounds which need to heal.

In Sierra Leone, people work hard to develop their country, corruption is rampant, and the economy is very fragile and there are many obstacles. In Waiima Tokpombu, a small village near Kenema, Ms Hawa Foday, express it this way:

“School is very important for my children. If my children are educated and they can get to the “white” man’s country then I will have plenty to eat, here things are very hard. In Sierra Leone you have to struggle even if you are educated.

In “white man” country they have to struggle, but they have machines and then they have money.  We see that on television and everything comes from overseas to here.”
Client: World Council of Churches, Switzerland

Camera/ Producer/Editor: Peter Williams

Idea & concept: Peter Williams

Duration : 31'12" (Short ver. 13'09")

Prod. year: 2011
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