From Denmark to Kenya: Faith's cultural challenge

Client: Danish Radio-TV &
World Council of Chuches,
Youth dept. Switzerland

Camera: Peter Williams

Director: Anders Laugesen

Editor: Christian List
& Anna-Maritha Brönden

Producer: Peter Williams 
& Grethe Kaae

Duration: 28'40''

Prod. year: 2002

Dorte does not find it easy to face deprivation and hardship. Should she feel guilty because of her rich life in Europe?
'How could you…?'
Dorte from Denmark visits the twins Emily and Gladys in their home in Kenya.
She is introduced to the rich church life of the area and to the problems of AIDS, widespread also among Christians.
One night the girls tell each other about boyfriends. They think they know what to expect when they reveal their secrets. But they don't…
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