Ecumenical Women’s Solidarity Fund

This video takes a look at a number of projects in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina from reintroduction and revival of the silk production in the Dubrovnik region to the mobile clinic in the hills of central Bosnia.
The EWSF (Ecumenical Women's Solidarity Fund) in the former Yugoslavia, cannot offer huge grants and fund massive rebuilding programs, but the emphasis is to show how a little money used creatively can also have a far-reaching effect.
Following the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia, Ecumenical Women's Solidarity Fund continued to offer solidarity and support. The fund has focused on grassroots projects and the unmet needs of local communities in close cooperation with larger agencies and organizations working in the area.
Client: World Council of Churches, Europe desk, Switzerland

Camera/Editor/Producer: Peter Williams

Duration: 10'30''

Prod. year: 1998

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