A video about the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement

"We intend to stay together" was the pledge made by representatives of churches from around the world in Amsterdam in 1948 when they assembled in the aftermath of the Second World War to establish the World Council of Churches as an expression of their commitment to the unity of the church and an instrument for cooperation.
Client: World Council of Churches

Peter Williams

Duration: 34'10''

Prod. Year: 1997

Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean.

Broadcasted by: ZDF, ÖRB, Germany; TSR, Switzerland; F2, France; RTP, Portugal; RAI Due, Italy, Telewizja Polska, Polen, Russia, TV1, Armenia, Vision, Canada; Duna, Hungary
As the 50th anniversary of the Amsterdam Assembly approaches, the vivid images and eloquent voices in this new video combine to form an inspiring and challenging portrait of how the churches in the World Council of Churches work with each other to fulfil their common calling to manifest the unity for which Christ prayed, "so that the world might believe".
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